When Your Happiness Lies in the Pursuit


Author and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau discovered that a personal quest was key to finding meaning and happiness in his life, and he is now encouraging other to do the same.  Last year he completed his own goal of visiting every country in the world. His book “The Happiness of Pursuit” describes his journey, but also talks about about the nature of the quest, the struggle for continuous improvement and the happiness that journey can bring.


5 Steps for Creating a Quest

1. A clear goal and a specific end point
It's all about journey and end point. There has to be something you are going for.

2. A clear challenge
It can’t be too easy. Getting your coffee down the block is not a quest.

3. A sacrifice of some kind
You have to trade something off when you take on a quest. But don’t worry, you are likely to find that your gains outweigh your sacrifices.

4. A calling or sense of mission
A lot of people use lofty language when they describe their quest, like a calling or a sense of mission. It is often an idea that once it takes hold, you can’t say no to it.

5. A series of small steps and incremental progress toward the goal
Set milestones on your way to your end journey. Derive joy from the journey while you keep your eye on the end goal.


Video: The Happiness of Pursuit

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