Overshare or Cute Overload? The Most Popular Kid Videos on YouTube»


We know we shouldn't overshare. But ever since "Charlie Bit My Finger," we've been hooked on adorable kid videos on YouTube. Here are some of the most common styles of videos parents post online.

Kids Dancing in Carseats

Seriously. It's a thing, and there are a bunch of great ones in the YouTube-verse. But this baby waking up to her favourite song and dancing in what seems to be an involuntary fashion? GOLD.

Parent-Child Dance Parties

Entertaining and a sweet way to spend time with your kids! Judging by the millions of page views, we're not the only ones who think so.

The Unwanted Sibling

Sometimes hearing that you're getting a new brother or sister is NOT a joyful surprise. There is a whole genre of videos featuring kids having meltdowns when hearing the big news, but this angry tot is the best by far:

Father-Daughter Duets

And while they're all lovely, this dad and daughter singing "You Belong to Me" will slay you with cuteness.

Parental Shaming

And sometimes, your kids do something so harebrained and wonderful, there's nothing to do but capture it for posterity. Like this dad who is trying really hard not to laugh at his sons who got covered in paint.


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