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Ultimate Gadgets for Guys


Our resident gadget expert Chris Shulgan brings you some of his favourite guy gadgets that any man in your family will love.




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For the guy who loves hi-tech: The Kevo, $250

This gives homeowners the ability to unlock the door with their smartphone and a simple touch. The lockset even lets you send electronic keys to family, friends and service people as well as receive notifications whenever a user enters or exits the door. If you don't have a smart phone, Kevo comes with a small fob key, which acts as the lockset's identification device. The Kevo also has a traditional keyhole so you can still use a key as a backup.

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For the guy who loves hi-tech: iGrill, $40

Know when your food is ready from your mobile device. Just tell the iGrill app what food you're grilling, leave the probe in the meat while it cooks and go relax! This water-resistant, high-temp probe measures temperatures between -22 F and 572 F (-30 C to 300 C) and withstands temperatures of up to 700 F (371 C). This Bluetooth connected thermometer allows you to monitor up to four temperatures right from free downloadable apps on your iOS device.

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For the guy who loves spending time in the bathroom: Potty Putter, $30

The Potty Putter golf game allows the avid golfer to practice his putting while in the restroom.

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For the guy who loves spending time in the bathroom: Kohler Touchless Toilet, $122

Upgrade your toilet to a no-touch flush. This easy-to-install retrofit kit brings a Kohler touchless flush to almost any toilet. Once it's installed, just hold your hand over the tank sensor to activate the flush. No handle to touch means fewer germs to pick up or leave behind! The Kohler’s sensor runs on four AA alkaline batteries which last, on average, six to twelve months — depending on how often you flush.

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For the guy who loves spending time in the bathroom: RazorPit, $25

RazorPit is the latest in blade sharpening. Using simple and patented technology it cleans and sharpens your razor blades, making them last on average six times longer. You can save an average of 60 per cent per year on razor costs.

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For the guy who loves his booze: CanStand, $12

This gadget was created to fulfill the needs of countless adventurers looking to keep their cans cool, clean and within arm’s reach. With its reinforced fiberglass rod, the CanStand will allow you to stake your spot no matter what terrain you encounter.

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