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The Ultimate Gifts for Guys


Still scrambling to find the perfect holiday gift for the man in your life? Worry no more as Chris Shulgan brings you some of his great gift ideas. Be it for a city lover or someone who likes to take off every now and then, read on for some amazing ideas.



For the Urban Guy

Monte & Coe Duffle: Every man needs the perfect duffle bag. Try Monte & Coe’s sleek and functional bags made from 100% vegetable tanned leather and wool felt. These fabulous totes come in amazing different looks to match your guys’ taste!

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Man Up Products: Do you find your guy dabbing on some of your powder every morning? If yes, then why not get him some of his own? Try Man Up’s all natural skin care for men — from a cover stick that fixes under eye bags to a No Shine that banishes excess oils, these products can keep him looking and feeling his best all the time.

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Amego E-Breeze Electric E-Bike: No insurance! No license! No sweat! Hop on Amego’s Electric E-Breeze with your guy and zip past those traffic jams. Or just take it out for a spin on the weekend while you two explore the city.

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For the Outdoor Guy

Canada Goose Jacket: A perfect shell for the guy who’s always hitting the slopes or taking the weekend off to hike his favourite trails. It’s waterproof, breathable and fully seam-sealed and comes in six amazing colours!

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Aigle Sherpafield Jacket: For the guy who likes to keep his look a little more professional, try the Aigle Sherpafield. Not only is it waterproof and windproof, it’s also got style. Check out the colour blocking and its unique mixed texture effect.

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Mio Alpha Watch: If your guy’s a runner then look no further. The Mio Alpha Watch is the world’s first strapless version of a heart rate monitor. As simple as strapping on a watch, the Mio’s Alpha tracks your heart rate and also pairs up with your smartphone.

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The SteriPEN: The SteriPEN makes for a great gift for backpackers, campers or any jetsetter out there. While the device’s UV rays destroy bacteria in your glass of water, its size makes it really easy to carry around. At $120, it makes for a great stocking stuffer!

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Toys for Boys

Jawbone Speakers: Pump up your Christmas this season with the Mini Jambox. This portable Bluetooth speaker makes for a perfect travel companion!

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Laser Putter: If your guy has just started spending way too much time on the putting green, then this laser putter is what he needs! The clip on laser quickly attaches to virtually any putter and provides instant feedback on how well you're lining up putts and how far you are from the hole. Great to improve his golfing skills at home or in the office!

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One World Futbol: A gift with a cause. This nearly indestructible soccer ball never goes flat. And for every ball you buy, One World Futbol will give a second ball to a community in need. The best $40 you’ll spend.

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Airhogs: The ultimate remote controlled quadcopter is here! With just a touch of a button the Air Hog can perform 3 incredible stunts. It’s fast, it’s maneuverable and it’s almost the perfect toy for your boy.

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For the man who has everything

Casa Bubble: This dreamy bubble can turn into a dreamy winter garden or a comfortable living room that lets you enjoy nature in all seasons. Pitch it in your backyard for a private dinner or by the beach for your perfect oasis – the eco-friendly bubble lets you sleep under the stars. You may have just found the ultimate man cave!

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