Top 10 Most Memorable S&C Moments


The last 500 episodes have brought with them a lifetime of memories. Here's a peek of some of the most memorable moments of the last five years as voted by S&C staffers, guests and fans.

1. Steven's Toughest Interview: Oscar the Grouch

Season 2, Episode 27

Steven and Oscar

"I have never been so nervous to interview someone. After all, I grew up with Oscar and everyone on Sesame Street, and they were all real to me. The cool thing was that the puppeteer was the original performer, so Oscar's voice and actions were exactly as I remembered them. He was so talented that after a few minutes, I forgot he was there and actually began to have a full conversations with Oscar himself; it was all very surreal!" —Steven Sabados

2. Funniest Fitness Moment: Goofy Gadgets

Season 4, Episode 108

"I remember watching this segment from the control room and laughing so uncontrollably that I had to step outside! By the end, everyone behind the scenes was in complete hysterics. Chris pretending to be a marionette sent us all right over the edge." —domestic diva and associate producer, Sara Lynn Cauchon

3. Episode We're Most Proud of: Wedding Special

Season 4, Episode 129

"It really couldn't have come at a better time; the royal nuptials had everyone in a wedding mood. For all of us, pulling together the wedding special was an amazing experience because the entire set was transformed into a glitzy wedding wonderland. From the beautiful cakes to the gorgeous vignettes to the fabulous bridal fashions, it truly was a magical day." —S&C production team

4. Classic Angels: Slice and Dice

Season 4, Episode 30

Steven and Oscar

"My favourite Angels moment was when Chris tossed a pineapple at Joanne, and she chopped it in half in mid-air—in heels, no less!" —Chris' Angel Cher Jones

5. Biggest Party: Mia Michaels Drops By

Season 4, Episode 32

"As soon as Mia entered the CBC building it was a party! She came ready to dance, and her no-nonsense attitude meant Chris was able to get a candid, no-holds-barred interview. She revealed her love of Celine Dion and hatred of Madonna. To top it all off, she choreographed a dance to the S&C theme song that had everyone up on their feet!" frugalista and associate producer, Amrita Singh

6. Most Touching Moment: Chef Joshna's Makeover

Season 5, Episode 98

"We loved Joshna's makeover episode. She's a wonderful person, she looked gorgeous, and Chris cried!" —makeover power couple Moe Kelso & Kristjan Hayden

7. Best Battle: Sabados vs. Hyndman in Battle Workbench

Season 5, Episode 27

"From the time the horn sounds, it's classic Chris right to the finish. His play-by-play commentary as he unsuccessfully attempts to build the bench is chock full of hilarious gems. My personal fave: 'You know what it is: I need to take the belt off; I don't like the way it looks.' Yeah, that was the problem..." —interactive associate producer Beth Maher

8. Cutest Couple: Steven Sabados & Sarah Robichaud

Season 5, Episode 63

"Funny how my favourite segment had Steven and I spending most of our time in bed..." —fitness expert Sarah Robichaud

9. Best Dressed: The Snugabye

Season 5, Episode 41

"My favourite moment? When Chris put on the Snugabye. What I love about Chris is that you'll try anything—be it an adult onesie, earrings or even a haz-mat suit!" —web wonder woman and CBC Live senior producer, Jamey Ordolis

10. Audience Fave: Chris Gets His Pony

Season 5, Episode 1

"I love all the baby animals, but my most memorable moment has to be when Chris' childhood wish came true, and he got his shetland pony." —Facebook fan Tracey L.


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