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Three Steps to Soft Hands

Hand washing, when done correctly, is the most effective way to prevent the spread of disease. Follow these three simple steps and you'll have soft hands that are germ-free.


1. Washing

  • Use warm instead of hot water. Hot water sucks the moisture right out of your hands.
  • Once a week, add a tablespoon of brown sugar to the soap as you lather up. The brown sugar exfoliates and is the first step for soft hands.
  • You want to spend at least 20 seconds washing. Sing Happy Birthday twice and you're safe!

The underside of nails is where most germs hide.

  • Use a Tooth Brush to scrub the top and underside of your nails.
  • Pat your hands dry - rubbing your hands irritates the skin. Patting is the best way to dry your hands without losing moisture.

Once your hands are clean you should moisturize.

2. Moisturizing

Moisturize after washing is the most important step for soft hands.

Apply a dime sized amount of cream to lock in moisture.

  • Look for creams with glycerine or lactic acid. These ingredients sink into the skin to deliver more moisture to your hands.
  • Your cuticles may need some extra moisture, so apply a drop of Vitamin E to each cuticle and massage gently.

Now you want to seal the moisture into your hands

3. Sealing

  • Wear a pair of cotton gloves overnight to really seal the moisture into your hands. If you don't have gloves old socks also work.
  • If you want an intense midday treatment, just pop on a pair of dishwashing gloves and you're good to go!


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