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Building The Perfect Online Profile


Creating an online dating profile can be intimidating… which is why our web wonder woman Jamey Ordolis is here to help you spruce yours up! The two most important pieces to consider: your photos, and your bio.

1: Photo DON'Ts

Dating profile pic DON'Ts

The number one offense when it comes to profile pics: over-the-top photos! You want to look attactive, but nothing too sexy: you don't want to come off desperate. Also, stay away from group photos for your profile pic — how will anyone know who you are? Never show you and your best gal pal either and certainly don't show yourself with another man. Research has shown that there's a double standard on babies in profile photos too… it works for men but not for women.

Finally, don't show an old photo. The worst thing I can imagine is showing up in person to a date and disappointing someone because I've mislead them. You want to know you're meeting someone who's attracted to you already.

2. Photo DOs

Profile pics DOs

Post lots of photos! The first one (your profile pic) should be a clear head-and-shoulders shot, or at least waist up, and research shows that smiling with teeth gets the most interest. Make eye contact with the camera. Get outside and look active! Active people have been shown to have the most popular profiles online.

According to a Wired study of the most attractive online dating profiles on OK Cupid, men like nice arms and stomachs, so if you've got those, go full body in a tasteful way.

3: Bio DON'Ts

  • Don't write a novel: attention spans are low on the internet and you also want to leave something to talk about on the date.
  • Don't waste too much time talking about what you're looking for: that's what their profiles are for. This is about you.
  • Don't list out your good qualities: instead of saying you're smart and funny and cool, try to write something that is smart and funny and cool.
  • Don't use clichés like "I live life to the fullest" when you can be specific and say what it is that you do that makes you live life to the fullest.
  • Don't lie: it'll catch up with you at some point.

4. Bio DOs

As always, be honest! Describe your passions and remember to stay positive: criticizing things is a waste of time and can give people a bad taste.

As for what to say… that same Wired study also found:

  • The women deemed most attractive used the words: yoga, running, skiing, tennis, dancing, biking and surfing. All activities!
  • Highbrow interests are attractive, like Homeland, Pulp Fiction or The Great Gatsby.
  • Single most attractive band you can mention: Radiohead.
  • There's a true double-standard around mentioning retirement: this works for men (it implies wealth) but not women (it implies old age). Ugh.

Finally, a few last tips from me: get a friend to write for you if you're having trouble describing yourself. And always check your grammar. Good grammar is definitely a turn on.


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