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Teens Divulge: The Most Annoying Things Parents Do Online


We had students from Napanee District Secondary School in the audience, and took the opportunity to ask them for the hard truth. What do their parents do on social media that makes them want to crawl under a rock in embarrassment? Read it (and weep).

Amy: My mom always adds all of my friends and it’s really creepy.

Parent advice: You might be a cool parent, but would you hang out with your kids’ friends one-on-one? If the answer is no then don’t add them on Facebook — which is a more private platform than Twitter or Instagram.

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Robyn: They tag me in everything!
Jenny: My mom always comments on everything I post.

Parent advice: It’s your job to be your child's biggest cheerleader, but that doesn’t mean you have to shout it from the rooftops for all to hear. It’s like the kiss before the school drop-off. They know you love them, but there's a point where they want to keep the mushy stuff private.


Emily: My dad always comments on everything. When there’s a picture of a boy that I’m tagged with, he commentswith “Oh, who’s that?”

Parent advice: You want to keep tabs on your daughter? You’ve just guaranteed that she’ll never post any juicy personal info on Facebook ever again. 

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Bethany: My mom says "hubby" all the time instead of husband and it’s really annoying.

Parent advice: You will always make your teen cringe. Own it. Just don’t start trying to adopt their web acronyms and emoticons if it doesn’t come naturally. Because they will mock you. IRL (in real life).

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Hailey: My mom posts really embarrassing photos of me from when I was like ten, tags me on them and everyone on my Facebook sees them. I’m like okay, thanks mom….

Parent advice: Stop it. Unless you take perverse pleasure in making your teen cringe, in which case, as you were!

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Madeline: My mom posts her daily life on Facebook. Every. Single. Little. Detail. 

Parent advice: Posting about breakfast menu is your prerogative, but it’s also an internet cliché. Resist oversharing. Before you hit post, ask yourself, 'Why am I sharing this? What is my commentary bringing to the party?' Try to keep a bit of mystery in your life.

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Jenna: My dad posts every picture of every injury he has ever had and makes it such a big deal about it. He sprained his ankle while I was out of town and he posted pictures like “How bad does this look, Jenna?”

Parent advice: When you post negative or depressing details on Facebook, it can read as passive aggressive or attention-hungry. Unless you are really crying for help, in which case, maybe pick up the phone?

Logan: My mom always makes really disgusting photos of me her profile photo so everyone can see.

Parent advice: Even if you only use Facebook to connect with family, your profile is still an extension of you as an individual. Represent yourself and don’t hide behind your kid! If you don’t have a photo you're happy with, don’t be afraid to go abstract. And maybe reconsider uploading a pic of the family dog instead of your face or your child. The dog won't mind (although we bet you're cuter!)

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