Tech Toys for Kids


As a parent you have so many tech toys to choose from, and so many questions to navigate: are they educational and interesting for your child? More importantly, are they safe? Here, Sharon Vinderine shows us cool gadgets your kids will not only love but will also learn from as they explore!


Kids' Tech Toys: Romo

Meet Romo, a robot for everyone. He's cute, fast and uses your smartphone as its brain. Create simple behaviours for Romo right inside the iOS app, without having to write a line of code. The Romo comes with an iPhone dock with rolling tracks, allowing it to move. A corresponding iOS app provides access to Romo, the blue-faced robot ‘personality’ that can recognize and track faces, react to different environments and be controlled remotely by any other iOS device while using the iPhone camera to see. 


Kids' Tech Toys: Kurio

A family-friendly tablet option that doesn't require a compromise between safety and the latest technology. It's packed with parental security features and loads of fun for kids and grown-ups! You can create up to eight different user accounts, set time limits by user, and control app access by user. It comes packed with 60 preloaded apps including games, educational content, videos, e-books, and so much more! 

Kobo Arc

Kids' Tech Toys: Kobo Arc

This is a cutting-edge design tablet for the whole family. With apps, games and internet filtering the Kobo Arc now connects to the Kobo kids store so parents can control what they buy and what they read. And with 7HD's amazing screen your books, comics, movies, and games look crisp and lifelike.

KaZoo Cases

Kids' Tech Toys: Kazoo Cases

Kazoo's brought out durable, soft silicone cases that stand upright on sturdy feet and have convenient storage space. Choose from three animal friends: giraffe, panda or a fox! And the kazoo stylus is perfect for sketching, drawing and gaming apps.


Kids' Tech Toys: Little Bits

With this snap-and-play kit, kids can make sophisticated electronics in seconds. LittleBits are simple electronic modules that snap together to make circuits and fun objects, from racecars to bubblemakers to interactive greeting cards. 


Kids' Tech Toys: Go Sphero

A mobile game system that fits in your pocket. Choose from over 25 apps and launch a whole new world of mobile gameplay. Drive Sphero like never before, turn your surroundings into a video game, and discover endless ways to play. The Sphero rolls seven feet per second and pairs to your device via Bluetooth. It also glows in millions of colors and is pet proof, waterproof, and ready for any adventure.


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