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Take the Perfect Holiday Photo


Be ready to look your best for the camera this season, as supermodel Yasmin Warsame and celebrity photographer Steve Carty share their tips on taking the pefect holiday photo.

Yasmin's posing tips:

1. Most flattering for your chin: Turn your chin to extend your neck, angle your face to the camera, and lean your body forward. This will take the focus away from your chin and eliminate any extra chins!

2. Torso twist: Don't face the camera straight on. Twist your torso so that one hip is facing the camera. This will elongate your torso in photos and slim your figure in photographs.

3. Fancy footwork: Even if a photo is from the waist up, the position of your feet will greatly effect your posture. Move your feet with your body, don't fix them to the ground.

4. Relax and feel good: You can't take a bad photo when you feel good!

Steve Carty's photography tips:

1. Stay within six feet of your subject because the flash on consumer cameras works best within this range.

2. Take vertical photos if you have one subject, and horizontal for two or more people in one shot. This will eliminate dead space on either side of your subject.

3. Scan the frame for distractions - make sure nothing is growing out of someone's head, and keep an eye out for photobombs!

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