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Perfect Getaways for Every Type of Traveler

Alicia Taggio has traveled the world and loves visiting new places so much, she's turned it into her full-time job. She treated us like armchair tourists with her roundup of spring break getaways for every type of traveler.

Costa Rica for the Adventurer

If you're an outdoorsy person and want to better understand mother nature, this is the place for you. From plants to animals—biodiversity is a big draw here.

photo collage of activities to do in Costa Rica

Must-Do Activities in Costa Rica

Zipline from rainforest canopy to rainforest canopy.

Visit a sloth sanctuary. Sloths are found only in South and Central America. If you're lucky you may get to hold one! No matter what, you'll walk away with much more knowledge about sloths, and all money from the sanctuary goes into research.

Thailand for the Foodie

This is a great place to visit if you love food and want to challenge your tastebuds to exotic street fare.

Photo collage of activities to do in Thailand

Must-Do Activities in Thailand

Shop at the floating markets. It's such a neat experience to have vendors float right up to you and offer you fresh foods! Rule of thumb: anything with a peel is usually safest to eat.

Eat the street food (with help from a local guide). Street fare in Thailand ranges from delicious stirfrys to crispy crickets and beetles.

Take a cooking class and assemble a Thai meal with a local family.

Ecuador for the Budget-Savvy

Some towns in Ecuador have an average income of $5 per day so you can "live like a millionaire" and you'll have lots of spending power.

photo collage of activities to do in Ecuador

Must-Do Activities in Ecuador

Soak up some history and walk around to visit the many churches. Hire a local guide for $10/day and have them take you to local monuments and markets.

Eat lots and lots of food! You can feast on jumbo empanadas for 25 cents or dine on full meals for less than $5.

Shop at markets filled with beautiful wool and fabric. Rule of thumb: start bartering at half the marked price.

Pacific Coast Road Trip for the Family

Taking a road trip with the family is still a great adventure, especially if your kids aren't yet teenagers. The drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles is stunning.

photo collage of things to do on the Pacific coast

Must-Do Activities on a Pacific Coast Road Trip

Keep your eyes and ears open along the drive for interesting landmarks and experience some points of interest, like the Golden Gate Bridge, Painted Ladies, Big Sur, Elephant Seals, and Runyon Canyon.

Fiji for the Spoiled

There are over three hundred different islands in Fiji so if you want to get off the grid, experience lots of pampering, and be surrounded by luxury, this is the place for you.

photo collage of activities to do in Fiji


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