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How To Take The Best Pics With Your Smartphone


The only thing better than getting the family, the house and yourself all dolled up for the holidays is showing off about it online! Our web wonder woman, Jamey Ordolis, shared some of her secrets to take the best pictures before the holidays. 

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A 2014 research study by Yahoo and the Georgia Institute of Technology shows that photos with people's faces in them are 38% more likely to get likes and comments so go ahead and share photos of yourself, your family and friends.

The Backdrop

So, you're all dolled up and you want to share your look. It'll get lost on a plain white, shadowy wall and you can DEFINITELY do better than a bathroom selfie.
Research says people are likely to "like" a colourful background and that red, for example, over white will make you look more attractive. 

What you can do: Pick a piece of art, a brick wall, a wallpapered wall anything with texture or colour to stand in front of for your photo. You can up the ante for the holidays. Make your own DIY photo wall for your family photos or to offer your guests a fun social media photo opp at your party. It’s guaranteed to be a huge hit.

Posing & Framing

If you’re in the photo:

Photofeeler conducted a study this year on what makes a profile pic get more likes and here they are: 

  • Get fancy! Pictures in a formal dress are more popular.
  • Remember not to squinch your eyes and definitely smile with teeth.
  • Accentuating your jawline is also recommended.
  • Bust: head and shoulder or head to waist is best.

If you’re taking the photo: 

  • Fill up the frame.
  • Change up your angles! Shoot your subject from above or from the side at an angle.
  • Consider the rule of thirds based on the purpose of the photo .
  • Don’t use the zoom on your phone - the best zoom is your own arms and feet.
  • Incorporate props to make the photo more interesting and give people something fun/funny to do.
  • And if you're taking a selfie, try the selfie stick — the hottest new thing right now!

Sharing Food Pictures

  • Framing: Go top-down by standing up and look directly on top of the item.
  • Get close: Let the food fill the frame so we can see the details. People leave too much space or stuff around their subject.
  • Lighting: Use a light or a flashlight from a secondary phone but never flash.
  • Focus: Don’t move and don’t rush to to keep your food pictures super-clear.

Fun Photo Editing Apps

Here are some of Jamey`s favourite apps to share pictures online:

Face Cam: Brighten your skin tone, blur imperfections, make your face thinner or bigger
Instasize:  For cropping & picking colour backgrounds
Pic Collage:  For stitching photos together
A Beautiful Mess:  For adding text, colours and doodles
Photo Candy:  For shapes and colour overlays

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