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Top 10 Retro Kids’ Gifts


'Tis the season for retro kids' gifts! When it comes to the latest children's toys, what's old is truly new again. Herein, our fave flashback finds.


1. View-Master Classic

Who needs a 3-D TV when there's a View-Master under the tree? Now showing the latest in kiddie pop culture, including Dora the Explorer, Toy Story, Cars and more! $7, Toys "R" Us

2. Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven

It may have a new look, but the redesigned Easy-Bake Oven still whips up the same tiny tasty treats you remember—but now it's light bulb-free! $60, Canadian Tire

3. Super Mario Bros.

Don't count the dragon-slaying plumbers out yet! From plush toys to a new adventure for the Nintendo 3DS, Mario, Luigi and the whole super gang are popping up everywhere these days. We love these mushroom candy tins as a last-minute stocking stuffer. $4, Amazon

4. Hudson's Bay Company Collection Snowman Kit

Make snow-capped memories that will last a lifetime with this wholesome gift. It's got everything you need to make your very own Canadiana Frosty—just add snow! $40, The Bay

5. Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Confront Vader, you must—on Blu-ray! All six episodes of the epic saga are available together at last in high-definition. Whether you gift it or get it for yourself, this is one purchase you surely won't regret. $180, Amazon

6. Fisher Price Record Player

Forget Bieber's new album, the real hits are right here—from "Twinkle, Twinkle" to "London Bridge" and everything in between. Plus, its rough and tumble design has been tried and tested by generations of children so you know it will stand up to even the toughest toddler love. $40, Kol Kid

7. Gremlin Ornament

Go ahead and adorn your Christmas tree with cute and cuddly Gizmo—just be careful when you water the tree! $10, Urban Outfitters

8. Nostalgic Candy

One peek inside this glass jar full of goodies will send you into a nostalgic tailspin. All the classics are there: Laffy Taffy, Gobstoppers, Fun Dip—need we say more? (Best gifted alongside a toothbrush.) $15, Indigo

9. In the Night Kitchen Tee

If you thought Where the Wild Things Are was trippy, wait until you get a load of Maurice Sendak's out-of-body In the Night Kitchen. This distressed-cotton tee not only gives a nod to the award-winning book, but also supports children's literacy initiatives in the US. $23, Out of Print

10. DoodleArt

Children of the '70s and '00s alike won't be able to resist picking up a (new and improved!) marker and putting their stamp on one of these intricate DIY works of art. Perfect for a snowbound holiday! $22, Indigo


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