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Repurpose Your Coloured Nail Polish


Have any old nail polish colours kicking around? Not sure what to do with them? Here are four unusual ways to repurpose your old coloured nail polishes to make life easier and more colourful!


1. Colour Code Your Keys

Paint each of your keys a different colour. This way you'll easily know which key to go for the next time you're at your mailbox, storage locker or bike lock. Remember, only paint the top of the key, you don't want to cover the part that goes in the lock with polish. 

2. Red = Right

Dab some red nail polish on your right ear bud and you'll never have to look for the little  "L" or "R" letter again. Just remember red = right!

3. Polish Your Chopsticks

We've all got a bunch of takeout chopsticks in our drawers. To add some colour to your next dinner party just paint the tops of the chopsticks. If they're small enough, you can just dip them straight into the bottle. 

4. Sunglass Pick-Me-Up

Add some colour to your sunglasses to bring them into next season with a new look.  Just paint the temples a fun colour and let them dry overnight. 


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