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School Bus Driver Bans Reading On Bus, Sparks Safety Debate


In this day and age, finding a child who loves reading books is a rare sight. Eight-year-old Sarah Auger, from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, loves to read so much that she fills her 20-minute bus ride with it — until her driver told her she had to stop.

School bus with the stop sign
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Sarah said her driver told her reading on the bus was a safety risk because other children may stand up to look at her book or that she could poke her eye with the book’s corners.

Sounds like a satirical news story but it’s not.

Daniel Abel, Sarah’s father, thinks the rule is useless and wants it changed.

In a statement issued by Mario Champagne, the general secretary and director of communications for the Hautes-Rivière school board, the board stands by their driver’s decision because, “the responsibility of a school bus driver is to transport students safely.”

Online, people seem to agree with Sarah’s father and also bring up other safety hazards on school buses. 

Even our Parenting Panel’s Erica Ehm got fired up over this story!


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