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Power Posing: Try These Stances for Inner Strength!


We all know that our body language impacts how others feel about us, but did you know that it also impacts how we feel about ourselves? Communication Expert Elissa Lansdell stopped by the studio to tell us all about power posing and how you can use it in any stressful situation!

Power posing has become a huge trend and it's all about unlocking potential you didn't even know you had. Power poses are non-verbal expressions of power and dominance. There are certain positions you can form with your body, especially stretching out and taking up space that will have a positive chemical effect on you. Studies have shown that power posing can increase testosterone (the power hormone) by 20 per cent and lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone) by up to 25 per cent.

The conclusion: Our bodies change our minds!

‘The Boss’ (Hands on table)

The Boss Pose: Hands on Table
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Try it: Before work

Explanation: First of all, you may not know this, but power posing can start as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. People who wake up with arms and legs extended feel brighter and more optimistic than the 40 per cent of people who start their day in the fetal position. So if you tend to sleep curled up, start your day by stretching out your arms and legs.
This power pose involves you standing with your hands firmly planted on your dining table or desk. This will make you feel confident, calm and collected and prepare you for the day.

‘The President’ (feet up on the table)

The President Pose: feet on table
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Try it: Before an interview

Explanation: Let's talk about what we usually do before a job interview. We're usually sitting, hunched over, often on our phones or looking at our notes. But instead, try power posing with your feet up for a couple minutes in a private spot (not at the job interview!). Amy Cuddy's experiments showed that high power posers are more likely to get hired because reviewers said they presented themselves as more authentic, comfortable, enthusiastic and captivating. So power posing helps you to be YOU in an interview.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Pose: Woman with boxing gloves, hands on hips
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Try it: Before a big date

Explanation: Centre and calm yourself by channeling your favorite super heroine and take what Cuddy calls The Wonder Woman, a classic crime-fighting pose. Tilt your chin up to maximize the power trip. This position has the opposite effect of touching your neck, which suggests anxiety or lack of control and is considered the lowest power pose of all.


Victory Pose: arms outstretched
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Try it: Before winning an argument

Explanation: This one is all about spreading your arms out as if you've just won a gold medal at the Olympics. This is such a natural expression of victory that congenitally blind people do it when they experience a win. Keep in mind that when we are in a confrontation, we tend to assume the opposite pose of the person who is dominant in a fight, so we make ourselves small and cower. Turn this around by power posing!


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