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Parenting Trends 2015


Parent Tested, Parent Approved founder Sharon Vinderine identifies the top parenting trends for 2015. She's also brought along some gadgets and toys that will help in either getting your kids to stay active or pushing your kids to get ahead of the curve. 




Parenting Trend: More Screen Time

It's nearly impossible to keep a tablet or smart phone out of children's hands these days, but that doesn't mean parents can't make savvy decisions on what products to provide their children that won't completely numb their brains. Check out these educational options for kids that are not only fun but also a productive use of screen time.

The Kobo Aura H2O will give your kids easy access to Kobo’s eBookstore, with over 4 million eBooks, comics and kids’ titles. With 4GB of onboard memory, you can carry up to 3,000 eBooks. And the best part - its waterproof so no more worrying about spills or pools.

The Kobo Aura H2O will give your Kobo Aurah, $180

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Parenting Trend: More Screen Time

Keep your kids busy with a virtual pet! Your kids can now create tasty meals for your pet, give her a bubbly bath, customize her look, and throw toys and treats for her to fetch. She'll respond to what you do in the app by barking, sitting, wagging her tail, and much more!

Fur Real, $70

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Parenting Trend: More Screen Time

With kids spending more time on your tablet and phones you want to make sure it lasts longer and is protected.The Otterbox Agility saves the day with its creative cases and stands for different tablets and phones.

Otterbox: $30 - $100

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Parenting Trend: Creative Education

It might be tempting to trick our kids into learning through games or creative activities, but you won't have to with these awesome products. Some are so inventive; parents might enjoy them more than the kids!

The FAO Schwarz Big Piano is famous FAO fun! They'll be ready for the "big" time with this soft, 24-key, dance-on piano. Kids can dance their own tunes, play 10 prerecorded songs or record and playback original compositions in a choice of 8 instrument sounds. 70" in length. Requires 4 "AA" batteries and is good for three-year-olds and up.

The Big Piano Dance Mat, $50

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Parenting Trend: Creative Education

The ultimate magnetic building set for your kids! Kids are going crazy over this! Three years and up.

Magnetic Stick N Stack,$90

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Parenting Trend: Creative Education

Develops entrepreneurial thinking and the ability to spot and create opportunities. This is the perfect way to practice and develop muscle memory in the mindset, skill set, and tools of entrepreneurial thinking

Freshbiz Game, $50

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Parenting Trend: Getting Kids Active

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean your kids have to sit still! We have a number of fun new products that encourage physical activity in indoor environments.

Hot on the heels of the Hunger Games latest installment, Mockingjay Part 1, Nerf Rebelle is winning over youngsters one Agent Bow at a time!
You can also make your mark as a spy, because each arrow contains a secret message that can only be decoded with the included decoder! Give the decoder to a friend so you can send coded messages in plain sight of your opponents!
For age 8-11.

Nerf Rebelle, $30

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Parenting Trend: Getting Kids Active

This game gives you the thrill of a board game with the perks of a workout. This one's for the entire family! 20 varied physical activities are flexible and fun for all ages.

Fitivities, $40

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Parenting Trend: Getting Kids Active

This is a 3-wheeled scooter and is self-propelled. Riders simply move their hips from side to side to get going and keep moving using body power for self-propelling fun.Is great for children ages 9-12 years.

Y Fliker Scooter, $100-130

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