Parent-Approved Holiday Toys


Buying gifts for kids can be tricky. Finding the right balance between fun and educational is not easy, so we asked Sharon Vinderine to bring us parent-tested and parent-approved toy ideas you can confidently pick out for your child this holiday season.



Skylanders SWAP Force: The hot new videogame kids are clamouring for this holiday takes them on an exciting adventure full of puzzles, mini-games and exploration. The game's new innovation allows kids and parents alike to mix and match top and bottom halves to create more than 250 unique character combinations. The best part is that gamers can use their 100+ characters from the previous two Skylanders games in the latest version.

Age Group: 4-14 years

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Quiddler Jr.: A great educational word game that's so fun the kids will never know they're learning! Players earn points by arranging cards into one or more words. Each card contains a kid-sized word and colourful picture that makes it fun and easy to play and learn. It's ideal for early readers and great fun for family game night.

Age Group: 6+

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Despicable Me 2: We loved the first movie and now it's time for the sequel! Grab your blanket and a bowl of your favourite popcorn and get set for the best movie night ever.

Age Group: All ages!

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Army vs. Aliens: Will you be saving the world or taking it over? This series tests your gaming skills in fast-paced dice combat. By combining strategy, cunning and a little luck, players outsmart their opponents to win. The game also features two dice cups that snap together to double as a carrying case for portable fun!

Age Group: 10+

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Ride Along Dolly: The Ride Along Dolly bicycle seat comes in bright pink or purple and comes with fun girl-themed do-it-yourself decals for added fun. It's easy to attach to any bicycle and comes with a unique bar attachment and bolt. The Ride Along Dolly bicycle seat fits all standard dolls up to 3 lbs. including American Dolls, Corolle Dolls and most stuffed animals.

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Furby Boom: Furby Boom has more than twice as many possible responses as the previous Furby, and how you treat Furby Boom will shape its personality! will remember the name you give it and the names of other Furby Boom friends it meets. Use the Furby Boom app to give your Furby Boom creature virtual food, checkups, showers and more.

Age Group: 6+

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