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Kid-Inspired Paper Towel Ideas


Here are some kid-inspired ways to use paper towels to make your life a little easier.

Store and Protect Kid's Artwork in Paper Towel Rolls

1. Store and Protect Your Kid's Artwork

Many people will put these sentimental pieces into a drawer where they can ge damaged over time. Instead, roll up the artwork and put it inside a cardboard paper towel roll. Write your child's name and age on the roll so you know who the artist is and when it was created. This wil be sure to keep these precious artworks in great condition. 

Display Little Girl's Headbands on Paper Towel Roll

2. Display Your Little girl's Headbands

Wrap a large roll of paper towel with a fun fabric. Tuck the excess fabric into the tube holes. Place the entire thing on a stand-up papertowel holder and now you've got a fantastic way to display hairbands for the little girls in your life.

Keep Rolls of Paper Together Using Paper Towel Rolls

3. Keep Rolls of Paper Together

Instead of using a piece of tape to keep rolls of wrapping paper or expensive wallpaper together, use a paper towel roll. Tape will often ruin a portion of the paper. Cut a paper towel roll lengthwise and slip on the roll of paper you're storing away. 


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