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Pack for a Month in One Carry-On

Alicia Taggio loves to travel around the world and has taken over 50 flights in the last three years. With that kind of experience, she's just the person to share some tried-tested-and-true packing tips with us.

Using these tips Alicia says you can even pack for a whole month in just a carry-on bag.

  • Line the inside of your suitcase with your shoes.
  • Use up the real estate inside your shoes for socks and other small things.
  • Roll up all your casual pants and pack them as a bottom layer.
  • Use the bundle technique to pack up all other clothing items.
  • Pack your toiletries in small bottles from the dollar store and put them into a sealed bag.
  • Use an old toilet paper roll for hair accessories and necklaces.
  • Keep all your delicates/lingerie safe in sealed bags.
The carry-on seen in this segment was provided by Rimowa Luggage.

Pack for a Month in One Carry-On


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