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Great Gadgets for Outdoor Fun

With the warm eather upon us, getting outdoors and having fun really brings out the kid in all of us. With that in mind, we found some fun and fantastic things designed for the summertime we wanted to share with you.


The outdoors is a place to gather and spend time with the family, and here we have found two items designed to make that more convenient and fun.

Folding picnic table, floating cooler

Folding Picnic Table, Best Match Trading

Take the party with you. This briefcase opens up into a picnic table designed for the whole family, and includes a centre hole for you beach umbrella.

Floating Cooler, Bed Bath and Beyond

This cooler can go anywhere with you: the pool, the ocean, or this budget kiddie pool in the backyard. Float beer or cocktails for a fun pool party. You could also put ice cream in it to eat in the hot tub!


Summertime is the time for fun and games, and here are two backyard gadgets designed for a good time!

Giant bubble DIY

Giant Bubble DIY

This is a simple and fun way to keep anyone in the family occupied outdoors. All you need is two dowels, some string, and a dish soap and glycerin solution. Create giant bubbles that will entertain for hours!

To create the bubbles, get two pieces of dowel and drill a small hole through one end. From there, feed one long and one short piece of string through each hole. Tie the string in a knot on both ends to secure.

For the bubble solution mix 10 cups of warm water with 1 cup of dish soap and 1/2 a cup of glycerin. Whisk together and voila!

Tennis ball canon

Tennis Ball Cannon, Bed Bath and Beyond

This is in fact designed as a pet toy, which launches a tennis ball for dogs, but just imagine how much fun kids would have playing with these things! Target practice anyone?


Finally, let's get fit for summer with these two products.

Balancing board, giant tricycles

Balancing Board, Fitterfirst

This balance board is designed for more than just outdoor fun - it is meant to enhance balance, coordination, and overall agility. But we like it because it simulates surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. This piece of equipment is designed to work out your core, so do all your regular exercises using this balancing board for stability and you will have a bikini ready body!

Giant Tricycles, rented from HartEntertainment.com

These aren't for sale, but you can rent them for a hysterical family function. The team set up an obstacle course to test us... so give them a whirl!

Fun on giant tricycles!


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