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Online Dating Mistakes

The world of online dating can be confusing. Luckily, lifestyle expert Andrea Bain helps set us straight with common online dating mistakes to avoid.

Online Dating Mistakes

1. Bad Username

Don't use your real name, but don't use anything ridiculous either. Remember, every detail on your profile will help someone form an opinion of you. "If you set yourself up with a name like 'hooter girl,' what are people going to expect?" Andrea points out.

2. Crappy Pictures

Your photos will greatly influence the first impression you give potential dates. But if the picture was taken 30 pounds ago or 10 years ago, you're presenting a false portrayal. So make sure your photos are flattering, and represent what you look like today.

Also, be sure to avoid selfies taken in the bathroom mirror!

3. Lackluster Profile

You want to draw people in and make a connection. Make sure your profile's personal, punchy and playful. Don't forget to keep it real, and avoid cliches.

Think about what your friends and family would say about you, and summarize it while getting to the point.

4. Carbon Copy Messages

Your messages have to grab a person's attention, and get the conversation moving. Make sure you're not just repeating the same old details. Ask questions and offer information about yourself.

5. Not Going Offline

If you hit it off online, don't wait too long to meet someone in person. Spend a week talking to them online, then meet them. Eventually you'll want to know if you have chemistry in real life!


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