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Did you know anxiety currently affects 45 million North Americans? Stress can lead to weight gain, heart disease and even cancer. Alternative health expert Bryce Wylde shares some of his natural remedies to help battle it.

Natural Anxiety Remedies

For the Mind

EmWave is a unique training system that helps you learn to build inner resilience. Plug the device into your computer and attach the sensors to your earlobes. The device tells you how your heart is beating. The rhythm of the beating is a direct correlation to the emotion you're feeling at that moment. The goal is to practice breathing techniques that help you create physiological coherence. This means your brain, heart and nervous system are working harmoniously. Ten minutes on this device is the equivalent of being rested for four hours.

For the Body

Pterostilbene is an extract from blueberries, so it acts as a strong anti-oxidant. It controls or helps to balance nerve signals and chemistry in the hippocampus, which in turn controls memories. Pterostilbene helps reallocate thoughts and memories as "not-stressful," making you feel more relaxed. You can take these supplements every day.

B3 (flush-free Niacin) is great to battle anxiety. This supplement widens our blood vessels, delivering more to the body and the brain helping you sleep better while also lowering cholesterol. 

5-HTP: When we're stressed out we burn up those feel-good molecules like serotonin. This supplement helps bring up serotonin levels. If you take it at nighttime you can increase Melatonin to sleep better and if you take it in the morning, the light that comes in your brains and eyes turns it into serotonin which makes you more relaxed and happy.

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