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Musical Gadgets Put to the Test

Looking to add some fun to your next party? Have a guests coming over and need to keep the kids occupied? We've tested some musical gadgets that could help in these situations to see how they stand up.

Musical Gadgets Put to the Test

1. Songify, Toys R Us, $9.98

If you have always wanted to turn your words into song, this gadget does that for you with the press of a button.

2. T-Pain Mic, Toys R Us, $29.99

The T-Pain microphone is made of a durable plastic material and has colourful graphics. The fun auto-tune microphone transforms the singer's voice into that of T-Pain's and allows you to hear your auto-tune self with three different backing beats.

3. First Act Discovery Electronic Drum Kit, Toy R Us, $24.99

Jam away with this electronic drum kit that has over thirty different unique sounds. You can even plug your MP3 device into the drum set for hours of endless jamming. It also comes with two black drum sticks!

4. Gigantic Piano, Mastermind, $49.95

This roll-out floor mat is also a keyboard that records and plays music. Just press the playback button to hear what you did or press an instrument like the saxophone, the violin or the guitar to hear different instruments. All you have to do is step on and play!

5. Twister Rave, Toys R Us, $16

If you need a workout, this Twister Rave Hoopz game is bound to get your heart rate up! The longer you go when you start spinning Hoopz, the more you'll glow. Just put a hoop on your wrist and start spinning. The longer you spin, the more colours light up. Just remember the hoops will reset to red if you stop!

6. iHome Boombox, Best Buy, $229.99

This hot pink device is modeled after the classic boomboxes of the 1980s but it's made for your iPhone or iPod. Plug it in or take it with you as long as you have six D batteries for hours of music fun on the park or beach. The iP4 also works with the iHome Radio app for access to thousands of internet radio stations.


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