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Maximize Your Kitchen Storage

We could all use a little more room in our kitchen, right? Here are three simple tips to maximize your kitchen storage.

Maximize Your Kitchen Storage

Stacking Pans

For those deep cupboards in your kitchen, use a file organizer, turn it on its side and store your pot lids, serving trays and cookie sheets.

Tray Divider

Increase cupboard space by using a serving tray as a shelf divider. You'll need a tray almost as wide as the cupboard's depth. Cut a piece of non-skid shelf liner to fit the tray so your glasses stay put and rims are protected. Place large glasses upside down on the shelf, set the tray on top, and arrange smaller glasses upside down on top of the tray.

Paper Organizer Storage

Use paper organizers to store anything from foil and parchment paper to cutting boards.


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