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Marvelous Mother’s Day Ideas


Mother's Day is fast approaching, and it's not too late to do something thoughtful for your mom, grandma, aunt or other loved one. Whether it's breakfast in bed, a delightful dinner party, or a spring-inspired DIY, we've got more than a few suggestions to show you care. These are great ideas for dad to prepare with the kids, or a grown-up kid to offer on Mother's Day or year-round.

Begin with brunch

Marvelous Mother's Day Ideas: Begin with brunch

Who wouldn't want to wake up to a little something sweet to start the day? Chef Michael P. Clive's pineapple upside down pancakes are just the trick to treat mom from wakeup time. For an extra decadent treat, we also love Chef Voula's banana-stuffed coconut french toast with chocolate sauce.

If you're looking for more savoury options, try out Voula's corn and ham breakfast fritters or Chef Joshna's grown-up grilled cheese.

Dazzle with dinner

Marvelous Mother's Day Ideas: Dazzle with dinner

For all the times mom's prepared a delicious dinner for the family, Mother's Day's the perfect chance to return the favour with a new recipe made especially for her.

Chef Lynn Crawford's paella is a fantastic one-pot-wonder option, full of delicious seafood and spices. And it makes enough to feed the family for a festive mother's day feast!

Need a recipe that's foolproof? Chef Jonathan Collins has got you covered. Wow with his pasta and seared scallops in alfredo sauce, or braised pork shoulder and potato gratin. Mom will have no idea how simple these restaurant-worthy meals were to make!

Finally, you can't go wrong with Chef Curtis Stone's lemon-oregano lamb chops and bread salad. Full of vibrant greek flavours, it's a crowd-pleasing favourite from the handsome chef himself.

Of course you'll also want to make sure you've got a celebratory cocktail on hand. Why not make this white sangria with prosecco? Perfect for spring, the bubbles only add to the festive spirit of celebrating mom.

Bake it up

Marvelous Mother's Day Ideas: Bake it up

Baking up a sweet treat is the perfect way for dad and kids to work together in the kitchen to make something for mom to enjoy.

Some of our favourites include these mint cookies n cream cupcakes (they're tasty and vegan!), Joshna's best-ever chocolate chip cookies (she's not lying!), and Michael P. Clive's whoopie pies (they will indeed have everyone in the family exclaiming 'whoopie!').

Or, if you prefer to make it light, go for Chef Jo's Dish Do-Over mixed berry cheesecake. No one has to feel guilty reaching for seconds with this one!

Do it yourself

Marvelous Mother's Day Ideas: Do it yourself

Nothing says you care like a little something homemade -- and don't worry, these DIYs are beautiful, but not complicated.

Anyone can go to the store and buy flowers, so why not put a little extra effort into it with these three easy and stunning arrangements. Colour-blocked tulips or a re-arranged potted plant will do wonders to brighten up the day.

For something extra vibrant, check out how actress, author — and former florist — Nia Vardalos creates a stunning centrepiece out of common carnations.

Of course, every mother also loves their kid's art, and our Frugalista's got some creative ideas that don't cost a dime. Find out how she recommends you create something new, or display your kids' art in an original way.

Finally, if you want to go for big impact, take Trish Johnston's lead and create a family wall in your home. Showcasing the milestones and memories that everyone holds dear is a surefire way to show your love and appreciation.


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