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5 Favourite Running Gadgets


The weather's getting warmer, which means more and more people are lacing up and running outside. Our fitness expert Jana Webb shares some of her favourite running gadgets!



Under Armour39  Fitness Monitoring Device, $114.99

Armour39® is the first-of-its-kind performance monitor that tracks heart rate, calories and real-time intensity. Unlike other heart rate monitors that only average your heart rate data, Armour39® precisely captures every heartbeat no matter your workout-from endurance running to interval training. You can sync it to your phone and it's sweat proof!

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Body Glide Anti Chafing Stick, $11

Prevents rubbing and friction that causes chafing and blisters. Apply on feet or anywhere needed on the body to guard skin against rubbing or friction that causes blisters and chafing.

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SPIBelt, $29.99

The SPIbelt™ will expand to hold any smartphone, keys, cash, credit cards, and even a passport. The SPIbelt™ is ideal for fitness and even travel! Comfortable, soft elastic prevents chaffing, with a sturdy buckle that glides for even the most active users.

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Yurbuds headphones, $39.99-$150.00

These feature TwistLock™ technology and FlexSoft™ comfort fit. The Yurbuds are ergonomically designed to never hurt and never fall out.They are sweat and water-resistant and allow ambient noise for use during all types of activity.

Tip: Place the headphones behind your head so you don’t have the wires bothering you while you run.

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Electrolytes and gel packs, prices vary

For runners, keeping hydrated is so important. The Vega Sport Hydrator works well because it's easy to add water. It replenishes electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants.

-Sustaining a run with gels is key. Some gels are hard to digest, but Vega's gels are easy to digest with longer lasting sugars from dates, that slow release instead of spiking your energy.

Recovery is the last and vital part of training. Vega Sport Protein Shake helps reduce inflammation and repair muscles, so you can get up and run the next day.

:::Electrolytes and gel packs:::
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