Link of the Day: Best Online Horoscope

The link I want to share today is my favorite online horoscope source: Rick Levine's Daily Horoscope from

Why I like it:

It's not all fluff like some horoscopes. It has actually provided valuable warnings on many occasions about how to behave or what to avoid on a certain day - which makes me feel more like Elizabeth I, counseling learned astrologers on how to govern the kingdom and avoid assassination plots, than like the comic character Cathy.

It is a concise, well written, motivational and completely free daily horoscope.

There's a general daily horoscope but also one for each sign. You can go to the site anytime to check either one, but I suggest you become a member of (for free) to receive your personal free daily horoscope emails directly in your inbox.

When you sign up, you'll also get 10 free "karma coins". I used mine for a free Tarot Card reading, which was really fun!

Enjoy! And may the stars be good to you!

- Jamey, S&C's Web Wonder Woman


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