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Life Made Easy: Camping Hacks


Camping season is right around the corner and it's time to start booking those prime campsites! Our set decorator (and genius life hacker) Xico showed us some fun tricks that will make camping fun and worry free!


1. Water Jug Lantern

A DIY water-jug lantern inside a tent.

Make a cool ambient lantern using a water jug and your headlight. Just wrap your light around the jug and turn it on!

2. Keep the Bugs Away

sage leaves wrapped in twine and two spray bottles

  • Before camping, tie sage leaves together with twine into multiple bunches. Throw a sage packet into your camp fire to ward off mosquitos.
  • To avoid the dreaded deer tick, put one part tee tree oil to two parts water in a spray bottle. Spray this on any exposed skin to repel the ticks.

3. Get Your Caffeine Fix

Coffee filters tied into individual serving packets for coffee for camping.

Get your morning caffeine fix by making these great single use coffee pods.

  1. Take a large coffee filter and add a single serving of coffee.
  2. Tie it up using dental floss, add hot water to a mug and drop it in.

4. Emergency Duct Tape

Duct tape wrapped around a water bottle.

Duct tape is the ultimate quick fixer but carrying rolls of it can weigh you down.

Wrap several layers of duct tape around your travel water bottle. The tape will remain sticky and you have very handy tape at your disposal!

5. Dry Matches

Matches in a plastic container.

Keep your matches dry by placing them in a water-tight container. Then glue a strip of sandpaper to the top for a handy strike zone.

6. Toilet Paper Dispenser

DIY toilet paper dispenser for camping

Keep the your most important piece of camping equipment dry!

  1. Cut a slit into an old plastic coffee container.
  2. Feed your paper through the opening.
  3. Attach a piece of twine for a handle.


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