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Alternative Uses for Hairspray


Our team found a number of interesting uses for hairspray online, and we put them to the Life Made Easy test. Let's see which passed and which failed.

Alternative Uses for Hairspray

Remove Lint

Verdict: Pass

Don't have a lint roller handy? Spray a little hairspray on a rag and wipe your clothing. The lint will stick to the hairspray and come right off.

Make Stain-Free Recipe Cards

Verdict: Fail

Recipe cards are prone to stains, especially while you're cooking. The internet says to shield them from unwanted stains by covering them with several coats of hairspray. Apparently the styling solution forms a thin layer that repels stain-causing substances. We gave it a test and it definitely did not work.

Easily Thread a Needle

Verdict: Pass

If you like to sew but have difficulty threading a needle, fear not! Hairspray is to the rescue. Spray the thread with a little hairspray before you start to thread the needle. This will stiffen up the thread and help you get it through that small hole!

Make Smudge-Proof Newspaper Wrapping

Verdict: Pass

Have you ever run out of wrapping paper and wanted to wrap with newsprint? It's a great idea until you realize your hands are covered in ink. By coating the paper with some hairspray it will prevent the print from smudging all over your hands while wrapping. We gave it a try and it really did reduce the smudging!


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