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Winter Activities For Kids: Indoor and Outdoor Ideas to Keep You Sane

You love your kids to death but sometimes they drive you insane. During the winter months, it can get too cold to let them release their energy outside. For the days they can go outside, sometimes snowman building just isn’t enough. Coming up with ideas to keep them entertained and busy can be draining on its own. Fear not, we’ve picked the best indoor and outdoor activities your kids will love.




Keep Your Kids Active Indoors

Sharon Vinderine, founder of Parent Tested Parent Approved, picked the best toys to keep your child active indoors.

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Indoor Boredom Buster: DIY Balloon Cannon

You can find everything this activity needs already in your home!

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DIY Kids Play Tent

Take a summer outdoor activity and bring it indoors for the winter with this play tent. You could even host your own winter camp-in slumber party!

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Winter Activity for Kids: Backyard Ice Sculptures

Say goodbye to frosty the snowman and hello to colourful ice sculptures!

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Easy Dessert Recipes for Kids

When the kids have been good and it’s too cold for an afternoon outside, why not do a little baking together?

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Sparkly Winter Sensory Bin with Snowflake Letters

A winter-themed sensory play bin is a great idea for the little ones!

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Green Eggs and Ham

What could be a better experience than bringing a classic bedtime story to real life?

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Perfect Reading Nook

Make solo reading time even more fun with a magical reading nook!

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DIY Light Box for Creative Play

Light boxes promote sensory development while having fun! The only downside is how much they can cost. Our friends at CBC Parents have a low-cost light box you can make easily!

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