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How To Raise A Happy Kid


Are happy kids more successful? There's so much information out there on raising smart kids and successful kids, but how do you raise happy kids? Sometimes it's hard to balance what's best for children with what makes them happy, but the two don't have to be mutually exclusive. Here are Jennifer Kolari’s five tips on raising a happier child.

raising a happy child

Look After Your Own Happiness

We often complain about life’s challenges front of our children and then wonder why our kids echo back that negativity. If we whine about getting up in the morning or we’re self-critical about our appearance, kids eventually pick up on that. The best thing we can do to help our kids embrace positivity is to model it ourselves.

Expect Effort, Not Perfection

This is a huge one. Too much focus on the end goal can make kids give up or lose motivation. It’s much better to validate the kid's effort and attitude rather than holding off on praise until their final performance.

Teach Kids Self-Discipline

We do way too much for our kids, often because it feels like an easy way to demonstrate our love. But are we filling too many of their needs without asking them to think about it first? An example: If they really want something in the store, don’t give in to keep them quiet. They should know that you love them enough to say no, and if they are old enough, you can engage them in a discussion about what they want versus what they need.

More Play Time, Less Screen Time

Kids are so structured and programmed these days, but they thrive with unstructured play where they can learn compromise and improvisation. Some games and passive watching can be great for your child’s development but make sure you are balancing that with real-world activities. Let them get a bit bored and figure out a non-screen compromise to deal with it.

Engage Your Kids

Engage them in play. Make it just you and the kids, even if it means tickling them or running around the house. Kids thrive on a blast of adrenaline and giving them a physical outlet means they throw fewer tantrums. Build in your own playtime with kids every day. It’s an important way to connect and build strong and healthy bonds as your children grow and develop.


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