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How to Look Your Best Online

Since people are wont to Google you these days, it's important to look your best online. For most of us, the profile photos we use on major social media networks and the way we design those accounts represent us to the world wide web and its audience. So, our Web Wonder Woman Jamey Ordolis brought her best tips and tools to help you look your best online.

Taking your photo

Lots of performers have headshots and other professionally taken photographs as their profile pics. You can DIY a great shot for yourself too. Here's how:

  • Do your hair and makeup and wear a good outfit. If you're going to a party and getting fancy anyway, maybe give yourself extra time to take your profile photo before you leave.
  • Choose the right background. Make sure there aren't any random people or objects in awkward places. Try to find a great pattern or texture to stand in front of — brick, a cool wallpaper, greenery, etc.
  • Make sure any light source is pointing at you, not coming from behind you.
  • Smile, stick your chin out and have fun. Take a bunch!

Steven profile pics
The photo on the left isn't ideal as a profile photo because the background is a bit distracting. The photo on the right makes a better profile photo as it is better lit and has an interesting but less distracting background.

Edit your photo

You may not have access to professional software like Photoshop but you can make basic edits and add cool filters and effects with Pixlr.com, a free online photo editing service.

The express mode allows you to easily make resize, crop and enhance the colour of your photo.

The pixlr-o-matic mode offers lots of fun filters and effects.

A Fun Alternative: Make your own avatar

If you're camera shy or you want something fun for social networks like Facebook and Twtter, you can create an avatar using a free and easy app like IMadeFace. Check out ours for inspiration:

Make your own avatar

Designing your profile

Sites like Twitter and most blog templates allow you to customize colours. To help you pick a great combination try the kuler tool by Adobe. You can start with a colour you love and the tool will show you the shades or complementary colours to use with it or you can upload an image to generate a colour palette that matches it.

Kuler tool

The Themeleon tool from Colour Lovers offers tons of free patterns and palettes too.


Facebook Covers and Twitter Headers

Facebook allows you to add a cover photo to the top of your profile and Twitter allows you to add a header. If you choose to add an image, make sure it doesn't clash with your profile photo and design colour. It should also relate to your personality or the theme of your account, if you're tweeting for business or if it's a business Facebook page.

If you'd like to create one cool, seamless profile pic and cover photo, like we did below, you can upload a photo to timelinecoverbanner.com and it will generate two separate images that can be uploaded separately to look like one.

FB Cover Photo

Pick the right look for the right account

When posing, picking colours, etc. remember what each account is for. Facebook for friends, Twitter and Instagram for a public audience, LinkedIn for work and so on. Make sure you look appropriate — and fabulous — for each audience.

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