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How To Host The Perfect Barbecue

One of our favourite summer activities we look forward to every year is barbecue season. To prepare for entertaining your friends and family, we've put together some ideas for you to host the perfect barbecue!

Prepping Your Space

Before planning your fabulous meal, make sure all your space is prepped to host all your friends and family. You’ll definitely want to catch up on these blazing barbecue tips to keep your grilling foolproof and easy during the summer season. If you’d like to refresh yourself on the tips of hosting a party, be sure to check off Corey Mintz’s suggestions on How To Host A Dinner Party

Summer Drinks

Nothing goes down nicer than a cool cocktail on a hot summer day, and Cocktail Deeva has the perfect recipes to welcome your BBQ guests. Try out her refreshing fruit float or some spiked lemonade to get the party started! One of our favourite mixologists, Simon Ho, also has the the recipe for what tastes like summer in a glass, the cucumber-melon smash.

Tasty Eats and Savoury Treats

A BBQ get-together is all about the food, so we’ve put together some amazing ideas for you to impress your guests with!



Socializing and snacking are an integral part of any backyard BBQ! To rev up the appetizers at your party, ditch the bags of chips and check out these easy eats to have your family and friends crowd around the snack table. Also check out Melody Thomas Scott’s Five Layer Mexican Dip to add a spicy flare that is sure to please any crowd. Looking for an appetizer on the lighter side? Look no further, as this lightened up blue cheese dip cuts sour cream and mayonnaise for a low-fat starter. Just serve with pita chips and you won’t feel guilty grabbing for more!


Having a side salad is a go-to for any barbecue spread. Kick up the classics with Chef Jo Lusted’s Creamy Coleslaw and Caesar Salad. Both recipes are her famous dish do-overs, so you’ll cut almost half the fat and calories you would usually get for these staple salads! This foolproof potato salad from Chef Jonathon Collins is another classic barbecue staple, but if you’re looking for a healthier alternative, Joy McCarthy’s creamy herb potato salad is sure to please. If you’re feeling a bit more sophisticated, try out this mixed citrus salad  from Chef Craig Harding to guarantee a fresh start to your meal.



What screams BBQ more than burgers? To have a classic pub taste, Chef Jo Lusted’s Carmelized Onion and Cheddar Pub Burgers will satisfy any craving. Using a leaner ground meat such as ground turkey can lighten up the amount of fat in a burger, and Jen Low’s turkey burgers as well as Danny Boome’s Turkey Quinoa Black Bean Burger are sure to make a healthier choice taste like comfort food. Are any of your guests vegetarians? No problem! We have the ultimate veggie burger from Chef Joshna Maharaj to fire up on the grill as well.

Another BBQ favourite is pulling apart some mouth watering ribs. Jonathon Collinsfoolproof baby back ribs will have your guests wanting more! For a smokey-sweet flavour, Chef Voula Halliday has put together a finger-lickin’ good recipe that is quick and easy. To cut some calories and fat, Chef Jo Lusted’s BBQ Ribs Dish Do-over are guaranteed to taste just as good as the real thing.


If your guests are still left wanting more, the very popular You-Know-What and the DunBar are great single serve treats from Rosie Daykin that are perfect for making the night before!

Fun and Games

There’s nothing better than some no-skills-needed lawn games to get you through the post-lunch slump! Have some frisbees, bocce balls, badminton rackets, and any other fun games that your guests can enjoy at their own leisure. If you feel like revving up the party action, some quick group games from Joanne Alderson will keep everyone entertained, and these musical gadgets will be perfect for the kids.


Video: Dish Do-Over: Cheddar Pub Burgers

Video: Melody Thomas Scott's 5 Layer Mexican Dip

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