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How to Find Anything Online


Hey Everyone! If you're here reading this then you probably already know how wonderful the internet is for communicating with people, for entertainment, for information and education and for making life much easier!

Still, I've posted a bunch of great links, info and videos here, including:

  • my top five ways to find anything online
  • some of my favorite Youtube videos, plus Steven and Chris' favorite Youtube video
  • tips for searching and sorting through results
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Top 5 ways to find anything online

1. Choose and set your homepage

Your homepage is the first page you see when you connect to the Internet

You can set any page on the internet as your homepage, but there are sites that do a great job of presenting you with all the general information you need to know to start your day - like:
  • top news stories
  • celebrity gossip
  • horoscopes
  • weather
  • general interest articles and videos.
Because these sites present a a good summary of what's going on in the world and what you might want to look at online, they're a great start for exploring the internet. 

Some examples are:
MSN_logo.jpg  yahoo-canada-logo.jpg   cbc_ca_logo.jpg
Tip: Choose the site that corresponds to your email so you can really customize the page.

2. Use a good search engine

A search engine is what you use to look for information on the web so it is, actually, the best way to find anything online.

Google.com is the most popular search engine on the web. It's actually become a verb - as in "I googled her" or "We googled Lady Gaga to find out her real name."

Steven and Chris say they use it at dinner parties all the time to settle discussions!

You can Google yourself (try it!), the origins of your family name and history, baby names, shops, news, facts, recipes, song lyrics, restaurants - anything and everything!

Google also has Google Maps, which gives you maps and driving directions from one point to another when you enter the address.

In 2009 Google introduced Street View
which allows you to zoom, rotate and pan through street level photos of cities around the world.

Search tips:

  • You search by entering keywords, so keep it simple. Google says instead of writing: I have a headache, write: headaches.
  • It's not case sensitive, but it is punctuation-sensitive
  • If you're searching for a direct quote from a song, movie, book, poem, like: "I will always love you", use quotation marks.
  • If at first you don't succeed try a few times! You'll get it!

Search r

Google organizes results based on "most useful". So, if I search Steven and Chris, the first result is our show site.

You can see: sites results, image results, video results and more.

Example of site results view:


Example of image results view:


Example of video results view:


3. Use reference sites

The web has tons of great reference sites like online dictionaries, online thesauruses, calorie counters and more!  

One of the sites you will most often see in the top results of any search is Wikipedia, the
 free multi-lingual, online encyclopedia.

is the Hawaiian word for quick, so Wikipedia is a quick encyclopedia!

It's a great starting point when you want to learn about something new. 

Here are some of my recently searched topics:
Julia Child
Johnny Cash
Karl Lagerfeld
Haute couture

When a word in a wikipedia article is underligned, that means you can click it to go to another Wikipedia article about that topic. I can spend hours there!

A caveat:  Wikipedia
is written collaboratively by the people who use it. There are over 14 million user-generated articles. You or I can update any Wikipedia entry, or create a brand new one. People are constantly improving Wikipedia, making thousands of changes per hour which means (A) I wouldn't use it to write my Master's thesis without double-checking the references, but (B) it's actually the most up to date encyclopedia in the world!

4. Youtube videos

No matter what you're searching for, someone has probably posted a video about it online. Recipes, DIYs, music videos, bloopers, childhood videos of your favorite stars. Search and ye shall find!

Where to search? Youtube.

YouTube allows people to easily upload and share video clips on www.YouTube.com and across the Internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email.

YouTube is the number one online video source. You can find videos on current news events, funny home-made videos, movie trailers and clips, tv shows,  music videos, and my favorite - instructional videos about hobbies and interests. When I have a tech question, I search it on Youtube and someone has ALWAYS made a video about it. Same with learning new songs on the piano.

Here's Steven and Chris' favorite video on Youtube right now: 

My favorite music video on Youtube right now (easy to pause and play if you want to learn the moves!):

Learn to play Journey's "Midnight Train (Don't Stop Believin')" on the piano:

Learn to tie a double windsor knot tie:

And don't forget, you can upload your own videos to Youtube! Like these people, who posted cute videes of their "Surprised Kitty" (close to 18 million people have viewed it!):

This video that one man shot of his son called "David After the Dentist" went "viral" with close to 50 million views and many copies and tribute videos:

5. The Steven and Chris show website:

If you're interested in lifestyle topics, then you might as well make this site your homepage! With billions of entries on the web, you really do want to find sites that deliver the best of the best in your fields of interests and turn you onto new products, personalities, topics, tips and other sites.

For all that is fabulous in home decor, style, food and entertaining, health and fitness, finance, relationships and tech - cbc.ca/stevenandchris is your go-to stop to find what you're looking for!

Here are a few other features on our site that help you find things online:

  • Our Link of the Day blog - we point you to tons of other great sites, features, products and services on the web every day!
  • Like Wikipedia, we link out to other sites all the time! Through our site you can discover our experts' personal sites, new retailers, where to buy great products, reference material on the people, places and things we discuss and much, much more. Check out our post on Rodney Bowers' Boeuf Bourguignon recipe as an example. 
  • FREE STUFF! Steven and Chris are all about hooking you up with giveaways and contest. And we're talking good stuff! 

Speaking of free stuff... wanna win a laptop like the one I use on the show? The HP Pavilion dm3 Notebook PC is ultra slim and light (perfect for carrying around in your bag) and will definitely help you find what you're looking for online!


As always, you can check out my blog and watch the segment on how to find anything online on our site.

Happy surfing!




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