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How to Clean Your Stinky Gym Equipment


Our sweaty and stinky gym clothes tend to need a little more care so for a foolproof way to cut the stink we asked fitness expert Sarah Robichaud.

How to clean stinky gym clothing


An easy, quick way to help kill any bacteria and freshen your clothes is to soak them in a vinegar and water mixture. Try one part vinegar and four parts water for about 30 minutes right before washing. You should also toss in a bit of vinegar or baking soda or even lemon juice to the washer water.

How to clean stinky fitness mats


In a spray bottle, combine two thirds of the container with witch hazel. Vinegar can work too but has a stronger smell. Fill the rest up with water, and add lavender and tea tree oil. Wipe down and repeat depending how dirty the mat is.

How to clean stinky gym shoes


Baking Soda: A smelly shoe or sneaker is no match for the power of baking soda. Liberally sprinkle soda in the offending loafer or laceup and let it sit overnight. Dump out the powder in the morning.

You can also make your own reusable odour eaters by filling the toes of old socks with two tablespoons baking soda and tying them up in a knot. Stuff the socks into each shoe at night before retiring. Remove the socks in the morning and breathe easier.

Salt: Sneakers and other canvas shoes can get pretty smelly, especially if you wear them without socks in the summertime. Knock down the odor and soak up the moisture by occasionally sprinkling a little salt in your canvas shoes.


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