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How to Be Happier Online


Does your time on Facebook leave you feeling drained and blue? Web lifestyle expert Jamey Ordolis shares five tips for improving your experience online.

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Actually Be Social Online

Don't just scroll and read. If you want to be happier online, be more active than passive. If you're creating content on social platforms, you get the uplifting sense of being part of a community. Studies have found people who are social online are more social offline.

Maybe Do Take That Selfie

But maybe don't make it so serious or sexy! In fact, according to a report last year by the nonprofit child advocacy group Common Sense Media, one in five teens said social media makes them feel more confident, because the comments they get are actually usually positive! There have been a lot of anti-selfie movements, of course, but you can follow the current no-photoshop trend and allow your friends to post not-so-perfect or posed photos of you (your photo approval process probably drives them nuts anyway). The more we share real-life moments instead of trying to figure out what's cool, the more positive our online community will feel!

Practice Safe Internet

Ensure peace of mind online, keep your data safe! This article gives you a variety of ways, simple and more involved, to keep your data and your online profiles safer.

"Like" What You Like

Because Facebook, for example, uses algorithms to decide what shows up in your feed you should like everything you actually like and then you'll see more of it. Plus, liking and interacting with stuff you like it gives you the good feeling of showing love to people and giving them validation. And check out sites like UpWorthy that focus on bringing uplifting content to the foreground. They curate meaningful content, so if you want to positively influence the emotional contagion wave of social media, check out and share these kinds of posts.

Customize Your Feed

You have more control over what you see than you realize. Some things start with discipline — like unfollowing the posts of your ex and his new wife or the friend that makes you seethe with unhealthy envy. But you can also customize your feed to see more of the people who post or like or share things that you find enriching and uplifting.

For example, Jamey likes to use the Close Friends function which is a feed of the activity of just the friends she chooses. Fill with the people who you find share the most interesting stuff.

In addition to being more active and taking what people post with a grain of salt to counter social media envy and stress, you can take on the mantle of being a more conscious user yourself. As a good social citizen, you can share more uplifting, positive or thought-provoking stories. You can post about issues that matter and use the domino effect for good.


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