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How Romantic Are You? Take the Quiz!


When it comes to romance, some people get it, and some people… well let's just say they could use a little help. That's where this handy quiz from our lifestyle expert Andrea Bain comes in! Find out how romantic you are!

How Romantic Are You?

1. You land a first date with someone great. What do you do?
  • Plan a walk under the stars.
  • Research what they like and plan a date around their favourite things.
  • Invite them over to your place and watch a movie.
  • Head over to a monster truck rally.

According to a recent survey, a "walk under the stars" is the most romantic date — it lets you have that connecting moment together.

2. It's your partner's birthday tomorrow so you...
  • … make no plan, just spend quality time together.
  • … pick up dinner and rent a movie.
  • … book a trip to a warm vacation spot.
  • … play it cool so as not to draw attention to their getting older.

Any time there's something special coming up, make sure you plan ahead — it shows how much you really care.

3. The most romantic profession is:
  • Artist
  • Farmer
  • Doctor
  • Writer

There's just something sexy about someone who works with their hands, and takes the time to nurture things.

4. Valentine's Day is...
  • … just another Hallmark holiday.
  • … fun and sweet.
  • … stressful and full of expectations.
  • … what day is that on again?

Even if you believe it's a Hallmark holiday, it's a chance to give that person you love a little special attention. Don't miss out.

5. How often should you say "I love you" to your significant other?
  • Every time you part ways!
  • After making whoopy!
  • Stretch it out to make it special.
  • All of the above!

You need to know your significant other — some might find (A) a bit too much to take, while others might feel left out in the cold by (C). A little of of each, (D), is the best way to go.

6. You're ready to pop the big question, so you...
  • … hire a string quartet, drop to one knee and ask for his/her hand.
  • … make reservations, invite family and friends and make it a group affair.
  • … be spur of the moment, and propose without a ring.
  • … load up Facebook.

It's all about that intimacy… having your friends and family around is great, but in the end, it's all about your moment. Plan, make it special and then ask that big question.

7. Which of these is your favourite romantic movie?
  • The Notebook
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
  • King Kong
  • Ghost

There's nothing more romantic than love after death… so the answer has to be 'Ghost.'

8. How do you feel about breakfast in bed?
  • It's romantic and thoughtful.
  • Only great if the kids do it.
  • Nice in theory, too much work in practice.
  • Nothing but a mess in the bed — keep it in the kitchen!

Waking up early just to prepare something special for your special someone? Pure romance.

9. What's the best way to show your love?
  • Kissing and heavy petting.
  • Telling your partner how you feel about them.
  • Giving snazzy and expensive presents.
  • Blabbing about your SO to everyone at work.

Sometimes the best way to show is to tell all. Have a glass of red, look your lover in the eye, and let those sweet somethings flow.

You are:Really? You really didn't get a single question right? Head over to the streaming service of your choice and watch 'Ghost' and 'The Notebook' this instant!
You are:Uh-oh You need to work on that love IQ stat… before it's too late!
You are:Right up the middle Ok, so you could probably stand to be a little more romantic… but your lover probably isn't leaving you anytime soon.
You are:Total softie You know just how to keep your partner happy… and they're lucky to have you!

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