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Household Shoe Fixes

Taking better care of your shoes is as easy as grabbing a few items we all have around our homes. Here are four simple ways you can store, clean and care for your footwear.

Household Shoe Fixes

Wine Bottles for Boot Storage

Leaving your tall boots unsupported while not in use can cause them to lose their shape and create wrinkles and creases. Try stuffing them with empty wine bottles to prevent this. Simply rinse out an empty wine bottle, let it dry, and place in tall boot.

Shower Caps for Packing

Finding something to pack your shoes in while travelling can be tricky. If your hotel provides a shower cap, don't leave it behind anymore! Instead, save them to pack your shoes in. A shower cap will keep dirty soles from clean clothes when packing. You can use them for general storage as well.

Glass Cleaner for Patent Leather

Glass cleaner is a great household item to clean dirt and grime from patent leather. Wipe off the shoe with a damp cloth, spray with glass cleaner, and wipe with a paper towel. Polish with a clean dry cloth.

Newspaper for Running Shoes

Use newspaper to absorb dampness and odour from your shoes. Simply crumple it up, stuff in the running shoe or leather shoe and leave overnight. Repeat process if odour persists.


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