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How Good is Your Holiday Etiquette? — Take the Quiz


The holidays bring a lot of joy and fun but sometimes an uninvited guest also makes its way into your life — that guest is stress. Take our fun, holiday survival quiz and see if you've got what it takes to escape awkward seasonal situations.

A man drinking a beer and wearing a red Santa Clause hat is fist pumping at a party with five people surrounding him and judging.

1. A friend surprises you with a gift during the holidays but you don't have a gift for them. What do you do?
  • Accept it and thank them for their generosity.
  • Tell them their gift is in the mail and quickly order one.
  • Pen a quick and sweet hand-written note.
  • Just be honest with them and tell them you weren't aware you were exchanging gifts.

Accept it and thank them for their generosity. Be gracious about it and follow up with a thank you note.

2. It's the annual office holiday party. You...
  • Eat before you go.
  • Limit yourself to two drinks.
  • Don't bring a plus one.
  • All of the above.

The office holiday party is a chance to connect socially with your work colleagues. So, think of it as an extension of work. It’s also not Vegas, what happens at the office party is ripe for the rumour mill!

3. Your date gets drunk at your aunt's annual holiday dinner, so you…
  • Politely excuse yourself and leave with your date.
  • Find a place where he can sleep it off.
  • Have a few more drinks to give him company.
  • Tell your family his medication is making him act strangely.

Leave with your date because you don't want to ruin anyone else's evening. Your aunt went to a lot of trouble to host a dinner and the other guests should be able to enjoy it.

4. Your Christmas roast turns out to be a disaster and you have a roomful of starving guests. You...
  • Order pizza.
  • Run to the store and buy pre-made dinner.
  • Apologize and serve it anyway (hope it'll make for a funny Christmas story eventually).
  • Don't serve it and hope that no one notices.

People came expecting dinner, they need to be fed! Get a pizza (maybe with turkey toppings) as soon as possible.

5. You're one of the few people stuck at work during the holidays so you...
  • Clean up your desk.
  • Sneak out early every day.
  • Ask your colleagues if they need help.
  • Stay at home and hope no one will notice.

A and C are correct. Use the time to get organized. Ask your colleagues if they need help in the spirit of the holidays and see if you can be of service to a colleague.

6. You're single and dreading the "why aren't you married?" questions at your annual holiday dinner. So you…
  • Bring along a fake date.
  • Go into hiding and fail to show up.
  • Address the question before dinner.
  • Tell your family you're going out with friends instead.

Take control of the question by announcing your status before dinner and have fun with it!

7. You've just found out that your ex is attending a party that you're going to. What should you do?
  • Bail.
  • Bring a hot date with you.
  • Borrow a gorgeous ring and wear it.
  • Wear a fabulous dress and be yourself.

The best accessory is confidence! Take some extra time to get ready so you feel good on the outside, but don't forget your inside. Give yourself a pep talk, remind yourself how amazing you are and be around someone that will have your back and makes you feel good.

8. Your sister insists on bringing her pet dog to your holiday dinner even though you want to keep it pet-free. What do you do?
  • Make it clear it's a pet free party.
  • Reserve a room for her pet.
  • Arrange for a dog-sitter.
  • Un-invite her.

Tell her and then let it go. What she chooses to do is up to her.

9. Your guests won't leave your dinner party. You…
  • Offer a last call for tea or coffee.
  • Start doing the dishes.
  • Grab their coats and call a taxi.
  • Be straight-forward and tell them you have an early morning.

Be straight-forward and then grab their coats and call them a taxi. Also, take it as a compliment that people are having such a great time that they don't want to leave!

10. You really don't like the gift your spouse gave you. You...
  • Secretly exchange it the next day.
  • Be gracious and say thank you.
  • Quickly hug them so they don't see your disappointed face.
  • Fake a delightful smile.

Be gracious and say thank you — always come from a place of gratitude. What you are thanking him for is thinking of you, taking the time out of his day to go and get you something he thought would delight you.

You are:Avoid the holidays at all cost. Good thing the holidays come once a year, right? Maybe it’s time you hibernate through the winter.
You are:Holiday Newbie You can survive the holidays…but barely. Take some tips from more seasoned friends and hopefully by next year you won’t embarrass yourself.
You are:You'll be just fine. Let's face it: the holidays aren't your favourite time of year, but you shouldn't dread them either.
You are:Bring on the holidays! The holidays are a great time but you’re glad they only come once a year.
You are:Holiday Expert You are an expert at dealing with awkward holiday situations! Maybe it’s because you’ve successfully escaped a few in the past.

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