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Meet Henry the Pig

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks—but what about a micro-mini pig?

Meet Henry Cochon: He walks in a figure eight; he knocks down bowling pins; he even rings a bell when he wants blueberries. Not too shabby for a 10-month-old.

To some, he's just a talented farm animal with some tricks up his snout but, to Jill Chen, he's family.

Henry lives at Chen's urban farm, an agricultural homestead the former graphic designer operates in her Toronto backyard, which includes an unheated greenhouse and portable hoop house. Chen uses her little green "acre" to cultivate a 30-food diet of organic fruit and vegetables for her three kids and photographer husband.

Who better to join chef Lynn Crawford on the show to talk farm-fresh cuisine than the Chens and some of their wild brood? Though all three of her adorable kids joined us on set, it was Henry who stole the show...and our hearts. See for yourself below!


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