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Technology, to-do lists and pressures have parents distracted and missing out on precious moments with their loved ones. Special education teacher and mommy blogger Rachel Macy Stafford's new book Hands Free Mama is the digital society’s answer to finding balance in a media-saturated, perfection-obsessed world. 


Acknowledge the Cost of Your Distraction (Awareness)

Your first step to going hands free is acknowledging precious moments that you are missing as a result of your distracted ways. Make an assessment of the irreparable damage caused by tech-obsessed, multi-tasking ways. Go hands free for a specific time period each day and see how this lets you fully engage with a loved one. 

Make Purposeful Connection (Connectedness)

When you go hands free you will suddenly see so many opportunities to connect with your loved ones. Seize those opportunities to connect. Start a conversation with your spouse or partner when you've let go of that phone, or try watching a movie with your kid instead of handing them the ipad to watch it alone.

Say Yes to What Matters (Simplification)

Even when you have a good handle on on your electronic usage, one thing that consumes most people's lives is the inclination to say yes to any and all requests. Be selective and give energy to activities that align with your life's purpose. 

Silence the Inner Critic (Acceptance)

You may have dealt with the external sources of distraction, but there are internal ones that are damaging too. These are messages of shame, fear, doubt and criticism that come from within. Beware! 

Let Go (Forgiveness)

Guilt and regret stops you from living in the moment just as much as any other distraction. Teach yourself to let go of past mistakes and long-standing regrets. Focus on what you can control: your choices and actions in the present day. 


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