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Great Gifts for Guys

Looking for the perfect gift for the guy in your life? Chris Shulgan shares his definitive guide, from fashion to reading material and awesome outdoor gadgets.


Great Gifts for Guys

The Demonologist

The latest thriller from Andrew Pyper has a lot of buzz, telling the story of a university academic who must save his daughter against actual satanic demons. Sounds hackneyed, but it's realistic and scary as, uh, heck. The protagonist is a regular guy forced through extraordinary circumstances to become a hero in a struggle between ultimate good-and-evil. It's great escapism.

Recipes Every Man Should Know

The no-frills graphic design makes it the most masculine-looking cookbook Chris has ever come across, and the no-nonsense recipes make it easy to impress any partner when whipping up a romantic dinner on date night. Chris wishes he could cook better but he doesn't really want to put the time into learning how. Since lots of guys are like that, this book helps you fake it til you make it.

Salt Sugar Fat

Every guy has his guilty pleasure foods, the go-to snacks we grab when watching sports or sneaking in an episode of, say, Downtown Abbey. Chris' favourite these days are Ruffles' hot wings chips. This book tells the story of how such addictive snack food came to be. The behind-the-scenes anecdotes about food scientists will provide your guy with dinner-party conversation for months to come.


Great Gifts for Guys

Timex Watch

A Timex retro-styled watch face with bright wrist-candy straps becomes the summer's must-have — and, at $50, most affordable — accessory. Not too many guys actually need a watch for time these days (we use our phones for that), but they've become hip accessories and guests to your arm party.

Miansai Bracelets

Speaking of arm parties, giving the gift of bands is a great idea and these are super chic. The Casing model has a rugged look, while the Hook design is also super cool.

New Balance Sneakers

Barefoot running is the year's biggest running trend. Barely-there and ultralight New Balance Minimus sneakers are the next best thing to running barefoot, and they look great too. The Windbreaker series is also super hot with its retro design, modern day materials and funky colours.

Onia Swimwear

Sick of schlubby swim trunks that make you look like a dork? These are made by Onia and they're super fashionable plus they fit really well. Daniel Craig as James Bond made a similar pair famous in the movies. If your man has confidence he can pull off the 5" inseam length. If your guy is a bit more conservative go for the 7.5" inseam. And, pick a nice bold and solid colour!

Outdoor Fun

Great Gifts for Guys

Broil King Keg

This Broil King's deep belly and air-tight lid make cooking with charcoal easy and convenient in any backyard. It's called The Keg and every man that sees it falls in love! Retails for $999. It's made of double-wall steel and it's considered a charcoal convection cooker. If you can afford this, your man will fall in love with you all over again.

Hennessy Hammock

A combination of a hammock and a watertight tent with a cleverly-engineered under-hammock entry system. This is the deluxe version from Hennessy Hammock and it retails for $220. Sometimes bugs make relaxing in the great outdoors difficult. The tent keeps black flies, mosquitoes and other bugs at bay, so you can concentrate on that nap, or ploughing your way through the perfect summertime read.

Herschel Duffel Bag

If there's one thing every guy needs, it's a good duffel bag. This is the Novel design and retails for $80. The best thing about this is the cool pocket at the bottom for your shoes! The more rugged and solid looking the better.


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