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Good Guy Guide

Lifestyle expert Andrea Bain's seen her fair share of bad boys. So, how does she spot a good guy? Here are some of her key identifiers.

Good Guy Guide

Chivalry is not dead

A good guy respects you and treats you well. Honesty and his ability to communicate with you when there is conflict is the truest test. The easiest tip off? Great elevator etiquette. The man that waits for the woman to get on and off the elevator is an easily identified good guy.

Grit and Glam

The good guy spends some time to ensure he's well groomed, more for your sake than his. One nice pair of freshly washed jeans, a clean t-shirt and a nice jacket is really all it takes. You don't want a high maintenance guy that takes longer than you to get ready!

Loves you for you

The title says it all. You want a guy who will stick around the morning after when you have no makeup on, or when you're sick and don't feel like going out. He's in it for the good, the bag and the ugly.

Everyday Romeo

You want the guy that will pitch in without being asked. Nothing's sexier than a guy who will do the dishes without being asked, or bring the wine to the dinner party.


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