Gift Guide for the Photo Enthusiast


Wondering what to get the photographer in the family, who's always busy capturing invaluable memories from behind their camera lens? Whether you're buying for a beginner or a seasoned pro, we've got you covered. From the practical to the kitschy, here are our holiday gift picks for the photo enthusiast.


1. Snap Photo Frames, $20

They may not make self-developing film like they used to, but these photo frames deliver a little bit of nostalgia for a time that did. Easily mountable, you can personalize the frames with dry-erase marker, and of course your favourite fun-time photos.

2. Camera Lens Mug, $28

For the fanatic who eats and sleeps photography, what better way to wake up than to a fresh cup of coffee in a replica of their favourite machine.

3. Samsung GALAXY Camera, $599

Every photo enthusiast needs a great camera to snap their pictures, and the Samsung GALAXY does just that. A highly intuitive camera that adapts to get the best shot, the photographer in your life will capture even more breathtaking photos thanks to the GALAXY.

4. Camera Necklace, Cufflinks, $10 and up

Subtle but stunning, Etsy's full of unique camera trinkets to wear around your neck. And for gents who wear their love of the lens on their sleeve, these cufflinks let you do it literally.

5. Kelly Moore Camera Bag, $199

As fashionable as it is functional, this over-the-shoulder camera bag is equipped with separate compartments to keep your DSLR, lens, flash, and other essentials secure in style.

6. Gorillapod, $20

What's got three legs and can get great photos from angles your arms can't reach? The great little Gorillapod gives great perspective with its flexible joints that can bend and rotate 360 degrees into even the most precarious positions.

7. Photography Magazines and Books

What better way to get inspired than by checking out the work of other photo enthusiasts? Photography magazines like Photo Life, Aperture or Prefix Photo make great stocking stuffers. Or do a little research into your friend's favourite photographers, and check your local bookstore for an anthology of their work.

8. Photo-Opoly, $27

Spruce up the classic board game Monopoly by adding your own photos to this customizable version. Boardwalk may be worth the most money in the original game, but a great photo is priceless, right?


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