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3 Fun Tips for Your Next Cocktail Party Tips

Make your next cocktail party more sophisticated, fun, and organized with these three entertaining tips. It's today's Life Made Easy!


1. Labeled Glassware

Next time you're having a dinner party and you can't find those cute little wine glass tags you'd been holding onto forever, look no further than your go-to drawer in the kitchen!

All you need is a permanent black marker. Write your name on the glass and let it dry. Then, when you're doing the dishes after your night of partying, use rubbing alcohol to rub off the marker.

2. Flower Ice Cubes

To add a little surprise to your guests' cocktails, jazz up their drinks with pretty ice cubes. All you need to do is cut the stem off some flowers and place the heads in the trays. Then, fill them up with water and freeze them as usual!

Remember to buy edible flowers - carnations, hibiscus, roses, violets and lavender are all great options.

3. Personalized Coasters

Take cardboard that you have in your house and use a larger glass to measure out circles. Cut them out.

Do the same with photos of your guests. Mod podge the photos onto cardboard and let them dry

When the party's over you've got a coaster collection of your party guests! Great for keeping track of your drink or starting a game or two.


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