Four Uses for Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail polish does more than protect your beautiful manicure. It's useful for many reasons, inexpensive and easy to carry!


1. Prevent shaving cream cans from rusting

Shaving cream cans can sometimes leave that nasty rust rim on your tub. Brush a layer of clear nail polish around the bottom ring of your can to prevent it from rusting.

2. Seal an envelope

The use of snail mail isn't in high demand but when we need to send a letter, it's important it gets there in one piece. Brush clear nail polish on both sides of the top of the envelope and seal quickly.

3. Save your favorite costume jewelry

We all love costume jewelry. Its wallet-friendly and some pieces look as great as the real deal.

To prevent your beads or accents from falling off your rings or necklaces, apply a light coat of clear nail polish over the top.

Similarly, to prevent the inside of the ring from turning green, brush a layer of clear nail polish on the inside.

4. Secure buttons

The buttons on our favorite shirts sometimes get loose and the thread gets loose.

Brush clear nail polish in the center of the button and on the thread. Set for a few minutes to dry, and you've got added security.


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