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Four Cool Ways to Use Binder Clips

Binder clips aren't just an everyday office tool. Here are four other cool ways you can use them around the house!

Bag and Tube Squeezer

Take an opened bag of chips, roll the ends inward and seal it with a clip. Not only will this help keep your chips fresh, it will also save space in your cupboard!

You can apply the same idea to toothpaste tubes. Pick up a half-full tube of toothpaste, roll the ends inward and push the paste forward. Seal it with a medium to large-sized binder clip at the end and presto, all the paste is near the front of the tube. No more unnecessary squeezing!

Emergency Cuff Links

Lost your cuff links? No problem. Find two small binder clips and insert each into the cuffs of your French cuffed shirt so that the flat end is facing outwards (the way you would attach ordinary cuff links). Turn slightly clockwise to secure.

Tip: use silver binder clips for an extra chic look.

Smartphone Stand

Clip one large binder clip over the arms of a medium-sized binder clip and tilt the clamp of the medium clip upwards to form a stand for your smartphone. Now you can video chat with friends or watch videos on your phone, hands-free!

Money and Key Holder

If you've ever lost an expensive wallet or purse at the beach, then this idea is for you. Secure your dollar bills and credit cards in the clamp of a medium-sized binder clip and create a wallet that costs next to nothing. Take it one step further by squeezing the metal arms of the clip tightly so that one arm comes loose. Loop in your car and house keys and re-fasten the arm. Now you have a keychain.


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