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Ex-Sighting Advice

Running into your ex is never easy. Andrea Bain shares some tips to get through it with grace.

Ex-Sighting Advice

Accept the awkwardness

It will feel awkward, but the feeling is only temporary so just roll with it.

Stay strong

Your first response might be to run. Don't do it. If you've seen him, he's probably seen you. Taking flight makes you look silly so stay put and be confident.

Listen more. Talk less.

Avoid talking too much to prevent yourself from saying something you'll regret. Don't talk about the past: the relationship is over for a reason. Don't gloat and bring up your new relationship. If he asks, just tell him you've moved on and let his imagination fill in the rest.

Look your best

If you know you're going to be at the same function as your ex make sure you look good. In fact, try for amazing. There's no better revenge than looking your best. Take all that anger and sadness and put it into self-improvement.

Grace under fire

Be nice to his date and resist the urge to be mean or cut them dirty looks. Be an adult and keep it pleasant.

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