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Increase Your Feng Shui with Edible Plants

Laura Morris sheds some light on how house plants can influence the feng shui in our homes and boost our yang.

Increase Your Feng Shui with Edible Plants

Orange Tree

If you have room for a larger tree and can place it near a big window, add an orange tree. They're considered the most yang of all fruit. Feng shui practitioners use oranges, orange peel and oil in many blessings and cures. It's seen as creating instant vitality and positive chi.

You can grow oranges, lemons, limes, and kumquats indoors on smaller dwarf trees. They do require large pots and must have regular watering for their fruit to grow. These trees should be misted regularly if your home is dry. They need as much sunlight as possible so should be kept near a sunny window or put out for the summer if possible.

Tip: Place oranges or an orange tree in the common area of the home to bring vitality to all family members.


Lavendar creates calm yin-like energy and can be used as an essential oil to calm the nervous system. It's similar to the calming effects of geranium and peppermint plants and belongs in the mint family. Lavender flowers can be used in roasts, stews and you can also use them as flavour for desserts. Just don't add too much, otherwise you'll feel like you are eating a bouquet.

Tip: This would be great in a bedroom or bathroom that has good light, two places where you want to slow your chi down and relax.


Strawberries are symbolic of love, purity and sweetness of life. They're red, which makes them passionate and are symbols of love because they are shaped like little hearts. They need at least six hours of sunlight a day so make sure they get put in a well lit area (like your kitchen). And don't forget to give them lots of maintenance and love!


The colour green is soothing and adds scent to your kitchen. Plus the vibrant, alive energy of herbs connects you to simple and good things in life. It's a reminder of the nourishing power of the earth in all its beauty.

Tip: Don't forget that the best containers are of the earth, so consider using wood containers as opposed to plastic.


Bowls of fruit can work the same way as adding an edible plant into your home. If you don't want to add plants but want the same benefits, try adding some of the following options.


Chilis represent the fire element and have very strong yang energy. Heat is connected with yang energy, which is fast-moving. The colour red is auspicious and great to have in the kitchen. And if you don't want to add too much heat with chilis, try adding a tomato or red peppers – your mind will be just as stimulated!


Apples are symbolic of peace and are seen as having a calming effect over the family. You can place a bowl of red apples in the center of the dining room table or kitchen table – places where the family come together. Try a bowl of green apples to bring in the vital energy of growth.


Fruit in general is symbolic of fertility. A bowl of pomegranates in your bedroom brings in fertile energy. Traditional pomegranates are connected with fertility because of the seeds. Many seeds equals many children!

Laura Morris


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